Tariq Fancy

CEO & Founder of Rumie [Byte Library]

Tariq Fancy used to be the Chief Investment Officer for “Sustainable” Investing at BlackRock (2017-2019), a financial services firm with over $9 trillion in investments – yes, that’s trillion with a T! After trying to make Wall Street more “green” from the inside, he realized there was no real social impact happening, rather just a bunch of marketing, and he is now ready to blow the whistle about greenwashing. He founded Rumie – an edtech nonprofit startup (2013), on the basis that there had to be a more effective and scalable way to close the learning gap. In May 2020, Rumie 2.0 launched where we built and published a new suite of learning solutions, evolving to meet the demands of modern-day learners with an open and free library of micro-learning courses on the essential life and career skills it takes to succeed.