Pierre-Marc Lincourt

Pierre-Marc Lincourt

Contract Management Department, Ville de Trois-Rivières

Pierre-Marc Lincourt is an engineer who first worked for a high-tech manufacturing company that designed and manufactured electronic products in Quebec. At that time, collaborative concepts and simultaneous engineering were implemented by him and his team. This allowed the company to be competitive with the Asian market, even during the financial crisis in the technology market in 2008. 

Pierre-Marc Lincourt now has been working for the Procurement Department of the city of Trois-Rivières since 2011. He has worked with his colleagues to apply decision support systems in the awarding of contracts, to apply intelligent systems in the transportation of snow and is a change agent for his organization by applying value analysis principles on simple or complex processes. 

He is a very committed individual, who is at the base of a movement that is interested in the Smart Cities philosophy.  

Recently, through the acquisition of technological infrastructures for the municipal administration he started the collaboration between several actors of his community in order to cross the strategic plans, the issues, the objectives of the community of “Trois-Rivières to increase the added value on projects. Sharing of goals, issues and technological infrastructures with the actors of the environment can allow the community to better serve the citizen, to make him participate and improve his environment. 

Pierre-Marc participates in several projects such as citizen participation, artificial intelligence in urban planning, mobility, planning the integration of 5G, etc. 

For Pierre-Marc the purchasing management now has to understand and consider the needs of the different stake holders in his community so we can take the opportunity to add some value on every project.